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She looked down on the office girls she had worked with. He's stronger than you. We traveled through the south of the France. She sat down next to him and listened quietly. Tell me what your father does. As strange as it may be, he met with somebody who is said to be dead. I have to be careful from now on. The world in which we live is constantly changing and so are we.

I'm sorry to hear that your father has passed away. Roxie is your best friend, isn't he? Bret knows his stuff. Have you asked Murph if he'll be there?

The tornado is getting bigger and bigger. That is a new story to me. This book is still copyrighted. It's more than just that. I must speak with you.

Do you call that a kiss? A bookkeeper computes all the company's income and expenses each week. Saify makes a lot of mistakes when he speaks French. Pull yourself together and stop crying. We have to find out what Norma wants us to do.

It's usually easy for Norwegians to get what Swedes are saying. I've just come up with a great idea. I knew you'd be lurking around here somewhere. We can talk to her. Shizuko cheated in an examination and received an appropriate punishment. They're either in the shed or in the den.

How melodramatic! I don't think this is anything you'd be interested in. Marriage is a community consisting of a master, a mistress and two slaves, making in all, two. I'm artistic. A study shows lung cancer accounts for 17% of women's cancer deaths. I thought I was dreaming. Kristin said something to Renu that I didn't hear.

What are those flowers called? Roman pretended that he didn't know Brender. Which book do you need? Earle is good at both French and English. It will not to do blame him for the accident.

How many drinks are there? I'm not married to Honzo. This is clearly Emet! I've got to find it. He sat there with his legs crossed. I'm sorry, but I'd like to order. If you have an idea, write it down, or it may be gone forever. I even make notes in my passport. The story reminds me of an experience I had long ago. I'll be home right after work.

We'll have to check every one of them, Sugih. It's like a dream come true. How many paintings did he make? I've got a surprise for you in this package. That's exactly how I feel.

You have hope, don't you?

I need a tighter grip on my possessions.

The planes flew over the village. Do you have time for a cup of coffee? Why are you protecting him? Nothing else has worked. Lynnette said it really did happen.

You trust me, right? Tell me what the matter is. This is a bad time. Why should I care about her? Nefertari was Ramses II's first wife. I'm sorry to hear about your sick mother. I just don't agree with her. When did you start working here? Skip knew her. I know that now, obviously, everyone expects me to tell something about my trip.

Harv promised Paola that he wouldn't tell anybody. I'm only beginning to understand it myself. How much money would you like to withdraw? They live across the river. I hate you from the bottom of my heart. Present your idea clearly. We discussed the subject at length.